Meet The Team


Pastor Mark

Lead Pastor

As part of the team here at YFMC, I help bring the joy that is found in our relationship with God. My favorite drink is hot coffee. I'm pretty sure iced coffee is a sin- venial not mortal- but sin none the less.


Administrative Assistant

I love serving our church and our community. It brings me great joy to be in fellowship with people, especially when it’s over good food and done in a good pair of sweats!

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Children's Ministry Coach

I love teaching children to love God and hide His Word in their hearts. I am constantly coordinating chaos one cup of coffee at a time.



Worship Leader/Ministry Assistant

Connecting people to God through the visual experience here at YFMC is something I truly enjoy doing. The stronger the coffee the faster the music. 

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Administrative Assistant

"But as for me and my household, we will serve the Lord."

- Joshua 24:15